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Vote ‘Yes’ on Proposition EE

Early learning has a large impact on a child’s mind, creativity, intellect and development. By voting yes on Proposition EE, we can ensure every child in Colorado has a strong start in life and that Colorado has a strong future.

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Child care industry needs saving

Washington's child care industry was in a crisis long before this pandemic. The lack of access to, and affordability of, safe, high-quality child care has been harming our families and limiting our economic growth for far too long.

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Letter to the Editor: Risks to children

Much of our attention has been focused on COVID-19’s impact on our own families, but let’s not limit our humanity and forget the impact on vulnerable children in U.S. custody. There are thousands of unaccompanied children in the care and custody of the Office for Refugee Resettlement in overcrowded facilities.

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