Innovative Financing for Early Childhood Education, State and Local Options


Download Innovative Financing for Early Childhood Education, Local and State Options (PDF)

Save the Children Action Network’s Innovating Financing for Early Childhood Education reports detail smart, effective ways local and state governments can fund critical early learning programs.

We know investing in early childhood education is the most effective way to break the cycle of poverty. We know early learning programs benefit all children and families. These programs also stand to benefit our country by producing a more skilled, educated workforce and a stronger economy.

The American public also overwhelmingly supports investing in early childhood education. Our new report introduces a proven way we can make investing in early education a reality.

Our recommendations fall into two broad categories: incentivizing private dollars and reforming tax credits. These financing tools, as explained in our reports, provide lawmakers with a solid foundation of viable options to drive new resources to increase the quantity and quality of early childhood education. We are working with strategic partners on a bicameral, bipartisan basis to ensure lawmakers prioritize early education in the 114th Congress and 2016 presidential campaign.