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The Child Care Industry Has Been Hit Hard by COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, many child care centers have been forced to temporarily close. They are faced with the possibility of not reopening due to reduced revenue in the form of tuition and increased costs associated with securing personal protective equipment, staff training and more.

In a survey of 6,000 child care teachers and workers, only 11% were confident they would be able to re-open without assistance after a closure of an indefinite amount of time. 47% of those surveyed said they would not be able to survive even a two week closure.

Children and families depend on child care. We must continue to ensure that the child care industry is able to survive this crisis so that parents are able to re-enter the workforce and know that their children are safe in quality child care.

Learn how you can be an advocate for children, families and child care teachers and workers during this difficult time. 

Why Should We Care About Child Care?

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Big win for children and families – the House of Representatives passed the Child Care is Essential Act! Now we need Congress to take the next step and include that funding for child care in the coronavirus recovery package. Take action!

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