Contact Lawmakers

Kids can’t vote, and they don’t give money to political candidates. That’s why we need you.

Whether it’s sending an email message to your member of Congress, tweeting at them or
showing up to a town hall meeting to ask your lawmakers to invest in kids, you can make a real difference for kids!

Learn about our campaigns and how you can be a voice for kids.

Families Belong Together

Urge Congress to End Family Detention and Separation

Despite President Trump’s June 20 executive order, thousands of children taken from their parents at the southern border have yet to be reunited and families may be held in detention centers indefinitely. Congress must step up and stop this cruel and inhumane treatment of children!

Fund Head Start

Urge Congress to Support Funding for Head Start

Despite its proven benefits, Head Start serves just 31% of eligible children. And Early Head Start fares even worse – serving just 7% of eligible kids. That translates to millions of children missing out on these programs.

Stand with Refugees

America Must Not Turn Its Back on Refugees

Conflict rages across the globe. Yet President Trump proposed a nearly 20% cut to programs that provide the services refugees desperately need. We can’t turn our backs on refugees who have lost everything.

Summer Scramble for Child Care