High 5 for Kids

Will Presidential Candidates Raise their Hands for Kids?

Kids can’t vote and they don’t give money to political candidates.

That’s why we launched the High 5 for Kids campaign – to give
children a voice on the campaign trail.

Presidential hopefuls are already announcing their candidacies. Get in on the excitement!

Join our campaign to ensure that expanding early learning and other critical kids issues are at the top of their priority list!

Meeting Presidential Candidates on the Campaign Trail

As they travel to early primary and caucus states, SCAN volunteers and staff are
meeting with presidential candidates to ask them how they will invest in kids.

President Donald Trump 

SCAN’s Senior Political Director, Paul Ciaramitaro  (left) met with President Trump in New Hampshire. 

Senator Elizabeth Warren 

SCAN’s volunteers met with Sen. Warren in Iowa. 

Senator Cory Booker

A SCAN volunteer met with Sen. Booker in  South Carolina. 

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand 

A SCAN volunteer met with Sen. Gillibrand in Iowa. 

Learn How to Be a Voice for Kids

Not sure what to ask presidential candidates?
We’ve got you covered with our handy High 5 for Kids Pocket Guide.