Be a Voice for New Orleans Kids this December

Help Secure More Access to High Quality Early Childhood Education in the City of New Orleans

This December, New Orleanians will have a chance to secure a historic win for our littlest learners.

Join our movement for kids. Pledge to vote YES this election on Citywide Millage Proposition #2 (Library and Early Childhood Education Millage) ballot measure to fund affordable, quality early childhood education programs for young children.

Vote YES on Millage Proposition #2!

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Learn more about the measure and why we support it.


Orleans Parish voters have a historic opportunity on Saturday, December 5 to deliver affordable, quality early childhood education opportunities for children via voting YES on “Citywide Millage Proposition #2 Liberty & Early Childhood Education.”

The millage allows the city to collect a special tax of 0.987 mills annually for the next 20 years with those funds used in “constructing, improving, maintaining and operating public libraries and early childhood education facilities and related programs in the City, including the purchase of equipment therefor…” It is estimated that $1,500,000 will support these early learning programs annually through 2040.  

What’s the current state of early childhood education funding in the City of New Orleans?

Since 2017 the mayor’s office and city council have continued to make investments in our littlest learners, in 2017 that meant $750,000 to provide 50 childcare slots, in 2018 it meant doubling to 112 slots, and 2019 brought the wraparound services support bringing the total investment to $3,000,000 and serving 276 children.  

Why should New Orleanians support early childhood education?

Investing in early childhood education, which includes evidence-based home visiting, high-quality pre-K and child care programs for children from birth until age 5, is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty.

  1. What’s a millage?
    1. Another term for a property tax   
  2. There’s two other millages on the ballot, are any of these going to raise my taxes?
    1. No   
  3. I’d like to take a deeper dive, what other resources can I check out?
    1. Visit Yes for Children’s Success
    2. Visit United Way of SELA   
  4. How did this “Citywide Millage Proposition #2 Liberty & Early Childhood Education” end up on the December 5 ballot?
    1. It was put there via a unanimous vote of the New Orleans City Council   
  5. Can I still register to vote?
    1. Yes, in person or by mail registration no later than Wednesday, November 4 or through the GeauxVote LA Secretary of State’s website no later than Saturday, November 14. Learn more.  
  6. What are my available options for voting?
    1. Vote by mail – Learn more.
    2. Vote early is Nov. 20-28 from 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. (excluding Sunday, Nov. 22, Thursday, Nov. 26 (Thanksgiving) and Friday, Nov. 27) – Learn more.
    3. Election Day Saturday, December 5, 7am to 8pm – Learn more.


Why Should We Invest in Early Education?

Early Childhood Education is a good investment and it is the right thing to do for kids in New Orleans

Studies show that children who receive quality early education go on to earn nearly 50% more than their peers. We can change this. Help us win expanded childcare slots in the NOLA City Seats program.

Please pledge to vote and join our campaign!

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