What We Do

Here in the U.S., 16 million children living in poverty enter school not prepared to succeed.
Around the world, 15,000 children under the age of five die every day.

We can do better. We must.

We Mobilize for Kids By:


As the advocacy arm of Save the Children, we do what most organizations can’t: bring children’s issues directly to federal and state lawmakers. We’re always asking
what we can do for kids.


Building a Movement

 Change begins with individuals. That’s why we’re working on the ground to build momentum for early learning and life-saving legislation that we can bring to local and federal decision-makers.

Working Across the Aisle

Kids’ futures depend on the actions of lawmakers today. And building those bright futures for children is a nonpartisan issue. That is why we work with members of every U.S. political party to enact policies that invest in kids.