Child Hunger

COVID-19 has had devastating effects on child hunger. Since March 2020, food insecurity rates have tripled for families with children nationwide. This is particularly troubling given the fact that, in 2019, the country’s food insecurity rates were at a two-decade low.

When children are able to grow up healthier and stronger, our economy and nation grow healthier and stronger, too – now and in the future.

What We’re Doing

Through a combination of government relations, communications and grassroots activism, we build relationships policymakers and mobilize the public to increase investments in programs that help children in the U.S. have access to food.

We empower our grassroots network of hundreds of thousands of supporters to raise their voices and lobby their lawmakers to invest in kids. By joining together, we become a force that turns advocacy into policy wins.


Calling on Congress to Prioritize Women, Infants and Children

Save the Children Action Network recently joined the National WIC Association and hundreds of national, state and local organizations in calling on Congress to support the Wise Investment in our Children Act (WIC Act) to help ensure more women, infants and children receive the nutrition they need to thrive.

Tell Congress to Build Back Better for Kids

Send a message to your members of Congress – support the Build Back Better Act to get food to hungry children year-round, reduce child poverty and expand affordable, high-quality early learning programs, like preschool and child care.

Handing out goodie bags to children in the after school program in Tennessee.
Two children playing outdoors
Photo of baby

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Be an advocate for kids in 2020!

An Oath for the World’s Children

We mark this Inauguration Day, a day of transition in leadership, with the knowledge that the President of the United States can and must play a critical role in making the world a better place for children.