Keep Children Safe at the Border

Children’s rights continue to be violated at the U.S. – Mexico border. Vulnerable children are being held in custody longer than the legal limit, separated from their families, denied basic care and more.

Every child has a right to safety and protection.

What We’re Doing

Save the Children Action Network is advocating to protect children’s rights at the border.

We’re also urging our leaders to address the root causes of migration in Central America. 

Read SCAN’s statement on the nomination of Chad Wolf as the permanent Secretary of Homeland Security.

Read our joint statement on U.S. Southern Border restrictions due to COVID-19.

Read SCAN’s position on unaccompanied migrant children detained in hotels.

Take Action

Help Protect Children

Voices for Children

Children arriving in the U.S. have high hopes for their futures.

We can help make that a reality. 


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The documentary PAPER CHILDREN shares the intimate reality of four siblings who fled gang violence in Honduras and now face the daunting U.S. asylum process.

Below are a few clips from the film that highlight the unique challenges children are facing during the journey to asylum.

To expand the videos, start the video and then choose “full screen” on the bottom right of the video. 

In this clip, China explains how difficult it was to be away from her mother, and her mother explains why she had to leave.

In this clip, Jan talks about the horrors he saw in Honduras, and the lasting impact it’s had on him.

In this clip, Jan talks about his journey to the U.S., including the most difficult part — his stay in the detention center.

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